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Passion Points to Purpose

Passion Points to Purpose…but it is not the only thing you need to consider. Listen and learn the deeper meaning of passion. Passion is only the light on the dash board. You also need to know how to “look under the hood” to see what is really going on beneath those “feelings”.

Spiritual Gifts

Listen and discover the supernatural power of Spiritual Gifts!  Come learn how spiritual gifts help point to who you are – why you are here – and what God has for you to do in this world for Him.

Your DISC Identity

from iWork4Him on May 11, 2016 Learn all about the power of discovering “DISC” – a highly effective personality assessment that helps you know yourself – understand others – work better together – and communicate more effectively! Discover how to apply it to your marriage – with your children – and at your workplace.

How purpose impacts productivity

from on March 10, 2016 The power of purpose to give you clarity, focus and direction The benefits of purpose and how they apply to your life, work and career Read the Article:

Identity – part 2

The scriptural road map to understanding the power of Identity How your identity impacts every aspect of your life Biblical examples of how identity impacted those in the scriptures How work as coaches allows us to have a birds-eye view of the pain people experience when they try to be…and do…something that is now in […]

Identity – part 1

The three elements of purpose The most important part of your purpose The power of knowing your God Given Identity Why Identity is so important

Pod cast with Dr Joe Martin – Real Men Connect

from Real Men Connect on February 3, 2016 Talking about the power of finding your purpose and how it impacts the life, relationships and success men can have! Tom is real about his own struggles and successes Tells how Christ and discovering his purpose have changed his life from a life done his way…to God’s way…and all the blessings […]

Why bother with finding your purpose

from iWork4Him on January 27, 2016 Who are Tom and Pam Wolf The story of how Identity and Destiny came about The benefits of discovering your purpose What is Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot all about?