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Tom and Pam Wolf

Hi – We’re Tom and Pam Wolf – husband and wife team who are founders of Identity and Destiny and authors of the powerful book, Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life.

There’s more to our story than a “corporate resume”…

We are Success Coaches who believe the discovery of your God-given purpose is the foundation on which all fruitful lives are built.

We believe that your destiny is a gift from God which must be stewarded wisely, yet we also believe it requires a decision! It takes more than dreams and desire – it requires action!” That is why everything we do is geared to helping people – just like you – do what it takes to be successful! We believe this is especially true when it comes to answering the call God has placed on your life.

We know that success is different for every person, but if we look to Jesus as He prayed to the Father in John 17:4, He says, “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do”.
As a result, we defines success from an eternal perspective:

  • Finding, knowing and living your God-given purpose,
  • Investing in continuous learning and growth to maximize your God-given potential, and
  • Measuring success through the lens of love and the progress of those you have the privilege to help or serve.

For a glimpse into our careers and professional achievements – we post our resumes below (if you still like reading that kind of thing?!?) As for us… we prefer the story behind the details.

Here’s where it all began…

Looking back over 35 years in business, we would say – in a nutshell – we are both “serial entrepreneurs”. We love building and pioneering businesses – especially when it includes helping people grow, be successful and use their talents in the most effective ways.

We have been CEO’s, and when not running our own businesses, executive success coaches to other entrepreneurs and CEO’s.

Then came the “about face”…

God has blessed us with many gifts and years of experience that we are now putting to use in Identity and Destiny. But none of this would have been possible unless we each came to a point where we were finally ready to make an “about face” – and go another direction with our lives. Through the grace of God, we came to know Him personally back in 2001. In fact – as only God can do, we came to the know the Lord independent of each other – but just 30 days apart!!! Now that is a miracle all in itself. With the recent Barna Studies saying that only 3% of people over age 18 ever come to know the Lord – well, we continue to stand in amazement and thankfulness for this amazing gift of faith in both our lives.

The birth of Identity and Destiny...

As our personal relationship with the Lord has grown, it has radically changed who we are and how we use our time, talent and resources. As we have allowed Him to direct our paths, we have discovered our purpose, captured a huge Kingdom vision for how He wants to use our lives and made the changes necessary to go into business together (for the first time) as we birthed Identity and Destiny in 2008.

A whole new direction…

Identity and Destiny was born out of Executive Coaching and prayer. God called us to lay down our life-long pursuit of all the traditional trappings of success (power, money and prestige), and refocus our efforts onto work that has eternal value and impact. Many people scratch their heads and wonder what’s going on as we redirect our lives…but without a doubt – it is the most fulfilling, most amazing…most gratifying work we have ever done! As one of our friends recently said to us, “Oh, I get it. You used to build people for business success…now you build people for purpose and significance”.

What ignites our passion…

Our Vision: Using the Biblical model of multiplication, we are building a world-wide community of 1000 Christian coaches and counselors who are trained and equipped to take the message Identity and Destiny into their unique areas of calling and influence.

Our Mission: Through Biblically based coaching programs, we guide others to a better understanding of themselves, a deeper relationship with the Lord and the discovery of their God-given purpose. Our desire for everyone we work with is SUCCESS! Success that is found through clarity, direction and fulfillment in this life…with eternal rewards, significance and the chance to hear those coveted words from the Lord when we get to heaven, “Well done good and faithful servant”.

Yet…as you might imagine – there is more to our story…


Tom's Untold Story

Although today I stand strong in the truth of who I am and how God wired me. It has not always been that way for me. I grew up feeling like a gawky ugly duckling with thick glasses and no athletic abilities. I often felt out of sync with what others wanted or expected from me. I never felt quite good enough…I was always searching for a place where I could be “me” and really shine.

It took years of trial and error. It lead to years of striving for success, money and prestige to prove I was good enough. It lead to lots of hard work to chase the American dream – but somehow it was never enough to fill that void in my soul. It was not until I made that about face and turned to God that I found true fulfillment for the longings that had been left unsatisfied. I was not until I discovered my God-given identity and purpose that I knew I could finally be happy and really make a lasting difference with all my efforts and hard work.

No more having to measure up or strive to be somebody I’m not. I now know that I am a source of strength and focus, and I don’t have to be ashamed of that. When I’m in that zone – I know that I am exactly who God made me to be. And now I’m helping others discover who they are in God’s eyes by using what once was my “untold story”. I am now using my passion to help people embrace who they are in God’s eyes, help them break free and be all that He has created them to be.

Tom’s Life Message: You’re OK just the way God made you – now run with it!

Pam's Untold Story

By the time I hit my mid 40′s…a few other things were going on in my life…
although my corporate resume was looking really good – I knew in many ways – that my life story looked more like a train wreck than a fairy tale!?!

The truth was – there was the pain of divorce, the challenges of remarriage and trying to blend a family, childhood wounding that still was not healed, the tragedy of a prodigal son and the drama of what I now know was my struggle with codependency.

After years of trying to fix things in my own strength – I finally learned through the help of some very kind friends and a neighborhood Bible Study – that God had a better way. Through a series of events that finally brought me to the end of myself – I finally turned to Jesus on June 13, 2001 and invited him into my life – and nothing has ever been the same since! Over the years since that day – I have found peace I had so long sought after – and as He promised me in His Word – God has continued to “restore the years that the locust had eaten”. My adult son is sober, I’m walking in victory over codependency and the healing and restoration in our family is nothing short of a miracle of God’s blessing. I have also found great hope and healing through strong Christian coaching, counseling and a Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps program

Now, through Identity and Destiny, God is allowing me to use all of my story – even the trials and pain. He is allowing me to help others discover their purpose and find a message of hope – the kind of hope that can only come from finding a way to walk victoriously through the hard places in life. And what I have learned is this…if you will allow Him…God wants to use YOU to help others – not in spite of your past – but because of it!!!

Pam's Life Message: There is purpose in your pain, and hope in the hard places.


Tom Wolf


As a “serial entrepreneur” I have started, built 6 companies and sold 5 of them over the last 26 years, and I am now building business number 7 – Identity and Destiny. I have made a study of business, sales, entrepreneurship, corporate culture and success tools creating a valuable base of transferable experience and wisdom.

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be in business for myself. As a kid in Lancaster, PA, I started selling soft pretzels, cutting lawns and then worked various part-time and summer jobs as I completed high school. I graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia in 1971 with a B.S. in Accounting. The thought was that I could start an accounting service which would require very little money… because the truth of the matter was…I had no real capital to invest! What I soon came to realize was that I hated accounting. So, with a mid-course correction, I spent 2 years working and going to Temple University in Philadelphia where I earned an MBA in Marketing. I began working at IBM and found my new job in sales interesting, exciting and challenging. After a few job hops, I felt it was time to take my first real dive into entrepreneurship. What began as an undercapitalized startup providing executive search services in the IT industry later became a full service computer staffing firm. As the business grew, I added a temporary services business as well as a division providing consulting in TQM and project management. By the time I sold the business in 1996, the combined business had grown to 5 locations in 3 states, had several hundred employees and was generating $13.5M in annual revenue. The business was pushing a remarkable 15% to the bottom line, while the industry was averaging about a 6% profit margin.

My next endeavor was the acquisition of a tri-state regional franchise area of The Entrepreneur’s Source. From 2000 to 2005, I developed the largest, most productive and profitable region in the organization. I subsequently sold this business in April ’05. As I built and managed this business, I gained a great deal of knowledge about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs vs. the “wanna be” entrepreneurs who truly seem to want the American dream but allow thinking traps and emotional barriers to thwart their ultimate goal and success.

As with any worthwhile endeavor in life, the growth and development of these companies was anything but a straight line up. I have almost gone bankrupt twice, but stood firm in my belief that failure was not an option. I have learned, grown and gained great wisdom from both my successes and my struggles. Along the way, I have studied sales in detail, become certified in NLP and developed an indepth understanding of the tools, attitudes and the resilience required to make it in the world of owning your own business. Whether it is a start-up, an existing business or a franchise…I believe that at the heart of any successful business is a leader who values people and creates a corporate culture where everyone can thrive.

My Identity

I am a source of strength and focus

My Destiny

To love and honor others by guiding them to a better understanding of themselves

My Assignment

  • To create 1000 other partners to spread the message of self-acceptance.To spread the message, ‘you’re ok; God made you the way you are; run with what you have’.
  • Without reservation, I know that my purpose and my assignment are to be realized through the Identity and Destiny program and the partners who will join in executing the vision of our organization.
  • When you can say… “I know this is what I was born to do”…Life doesn’t get any better than that!
Tom Wolf


  • BS in Accounting, St. Joseph’s University, Phila., Pa. 1971
  • MBA in Marketing, Temple University, Phila., Pa. 1975

Companies Started

  • Wolf Advisory International
  • Computer Plus Temporaries
  • Bryant Bureau
  • Wolf Advisory Tampa
  • Franklin Wolf dba The Entrepreneur’s Source
  • Great Clips
  • Transition Resource


  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Company Startup
  • Staffing Industry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Coaching
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Motivation
  • Management
  • Corporate Culture

Pam Wolf


After graduating from college, I had plans to go to law school. However, the untimely death of my father in 1978, led to my career as a 2nd generation owner and operator of our family’s business, Arab Pest Control of Florida, Inc. Over the twelve years from 1977 to 1989, I had the privilege to work with an amazing team of people who helped grow the business from a $3,000,000 Tampa Bay business to a state-wide $15,000,000 regional competitor. Growth was achieved through both internal sales, as well as, acquisitions. I subsequently sold the business to Waste Management and went on to hold the position of Florida District Manager with responsibility for 31 offices, 600 employees and over $50,000,000 in annual revenue. These years took me through the process of learning how to build, lead and prosper in a closely held private business to the fast paced management demands required in a publicly traded company.

After 2 years with Waste Management, I realized there was just ‘too much entrepreneur’ in me to continue to work in corporate America. That is when I founded Acquisition Strategies, Inc. (later known as Acquis). We specialized in Merger & Acquisition consulting, business brokering, fair market valuations and development of owner exit strategies – all specifically designed for the pest control and lawn care industries. During my 17 year tenure with Acquis, I also led a CEO roundtable group with The Executive Committee helping to coach, develop and provide accountability for 12 corporate CEO’s representing a variety of service, retail and manufacturing industries. Their companies ranged in annual revenues of $3 to $25 million.

During my time with Acquis, I also partnered with my husband, Tom, and worked alongside him as he built The Entrepreneurs Source (TES). At TES we helped people who wanted to be in business for themselves assess their background, skills, strengths and weaknesses. We worked to find and explore their best options. Then we moved then through the process of making the changes necessary to go into business for themselves.

My life journey combined with all my career experience has been instrumental in creating the person that I am today. It is clear that it was all in preparation for the work I am doing with this amazing program called Identity and Destiny.

Having gone through the program myself, I can truly say – for the first time in my life – that I know who I am…and why I am here!

My Identity

I am a peacemaker.

My Destiny

To help others find peace that is soul-deep.

My Assignment

To work alongside my husband as we develop the Identity & Destiny program and the organization that will support and deliver it. As I work with our partners and participants in the program, I am to help them

  • Find peace with the process
  • Find peace with their purpose
  • Find peace with what is required of them

Awards Recognition and Professional Involvment

  • Who’s Who of American Woman
  • Tampa’s Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Florida Pest Management Association, Past President, Board of Directors and Committees
  • Florida Pest Management Association Pioneer of the Year; Presidents Award
  • National Pest Management Association Board of Directors and Committees
  • Athena Society of Tampa, Treasurer and Board of Directors
  • First Union National Bank & Memorial Hospital of Tampa, Board of Directors
  • Leadership Tampa 1993

Affiliations and Accomplishments

  • Joshua House and A Kid’s Place Charity
  • The Spring of Tampa Bay
  • Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
  • United Way of Tampa
  • A Woman’s Place Ministry
  • Somebody Cares Tampa Bay
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Christina Legacy Foundation
  • International Cooperating Ministries
  • Executive Ministries/ Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Christian Embassy
  • Van Dyke UMC
  • 7-year graduate of Bible Study Fellowship
  • Sanity Support Group Facilitator – Setting Boundaries with Adult Children
Pam Wolf


  • BS in Finance and Management, Cum Laude, Ball State University, Muncie IN 1977
  • Certification in Cash management & Analysis – Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN 1980
  • Certification in Union Free Management, PTI Institute, Dallas TX 1983


  • Partner, Transition Resource 2008 to present
  • President/Owner, Acquisition Strategies, Inc. 1991-2009
  • President/Owner, Acquisition Strategies, Inc. 1991-2009
  • Chairman, The Executive Committee (TEC) 1992-1997
  • Florida District Manager, Waste Management, Inc., 1989-1991
  • President/Owner, Arab Termite & Pest Control of FL, Inc. 1977-1989


  • Level the Field – The Ultimate Guide to Valuing Your Pest Control Business, 2000
  • Numerous articles published in trade journals: Pest Control Technology, PCT Magazine and Pest Pro – 1977 to 2008


They are my treasure – my great reward!!!

  • Husband Tom
  • Son Nicholas, Daughter-in-law Nicole and Grand-Daughters Haley and Ella Sophia
  • Daughter Amanda, Son-in-Law Jonah and Grand-Daughters Savanah and Addison
  • Daughter Megan, Son-in-Law John, Grand-Daughter Makayla and Grand-Son JJ